Know what is a gold insurance policy, why should it be done

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1.Know what is a gold insurance policy, why should it be done

Gold is getting expensive day by day, due to which people are not able to buy more gold and there is also the fear of theft. If those people get their gold insurance policy, then they can be free from the worry of getting stolen and lost. Huh This gold insurance policy can be availed at a nominal price. Nowadays the price of gold is very high, if a little gold is stolen or lost, then it can cause loss of thousands or even millions, so we have the benefit of gold insurance policy Should be raised like we are availed by getting car insurance etc.

2.How to insure gold in a locker

If gold insurance is taken, it is not only that which is helpful on theft and robbing, that insurance also protects the gold kept in the bank locker, if the gold kept in the bank locker is stolen then the insurance gives full cover like you own. Take insurance in the same way gold is insured, it is given in two ways, if you want, you can take gold insurance, but if you want, take it with your home insurance too. Security can Insurance cover is provided in case of jewelery stolen robbery or any loss or damage in the bank locker. Under Goal Insurance, earlier the insurance cover was given for the robbery but such insurance cover is provided with certain conditions which the company so Insurance companies usually impose conditions like giving evidence of theft by registering police FIRs, who fulfill this wish, in case of robbery, the insurance company Ni meets Damage Under gold insurance cover, the policy is usually found in two ways. In one case, the Indian gold insurance companies give a limited settlement claim amount, but if you want the loss of gold worth Rs. You have to pay premium under this, you can get customized insurance cover but there are some circumstances under which the cover is not considered In which there is loss or damage due to riot war, terrorism etc., the benefit of insurance cover is not given. There are some conditions on which the insurance company does not provide insurance even after being insured, such as a family member or a maid. If there is a loss due to insurance, then the insurance companies do not compensate for the loss. If the house remains vacant for 30 days and it gets stolen during this time then you should insure Does not benefit

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