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PUBG hack

PUBG hack

Today, PUBG game has become the most popular game that can be played on both mobile and computer. But most people like to play PUBG more and more in the phone itself. How to Pubg

PUBG :- Players Unknowns Battle Grounds

Hack PUBG Mobile

Now we talk about how to hack PUBG, many people want to play PUBG by hacked, which makes all their power unlimited. This is why people like to hack and play PUBG.

You must have read and seen PUBG hacking tips and method through many websites,

but today we have brought a very simple and easy method for you through which PUBG games can be easily hacked.

We will tell you how by hacking your favorite game PUBG you can win and win the game according to your mind.

Today we have brought two simple and easy ways to hack the PUBG game for you, by which you easily hack the PUBG mobile apk.

Hack PUBG mobile

Here we talk about both those methods by which you can easily hack PUBG game.

1. Mode version method . 

2. Game guardian method . 

  1. Mode version method
    PUBG is hacked through this mode version method This version is also called as hackers version
  2. because in this mode hackers change the entire script coden of Java and add their hacking coding.
  3. In which a new version is created and uploaded to the website, hence this mode version is also called the version of hackers.

This mode version changes the PUBG completely, not only that when you open the moded version application, you will see that all your power is unlimited.

Now we are going to tell you the second trick in which you can hack the PUBG game. Although this process is a bit long,

but we will explain you easily and in details. So, without any delay, we tell you what you have to do.

  1. PUBG Hack (Game Guardian Method)

It does not matter whether your mobile is rooted or not through this second method, that means with this game guardian method you can hack the game completely without rooting the mobile.

Step 1. Download Game Guardian Apk

First of all, you have to download Game Guardian Apk, to download it, you can also follow this link, which is given below.

After downloading it, you have to install it.

Step 2. Open Game Guardian Apk

After downloading, you have to open this Game Guardian app and then minimize it and then let PUBG run.

Step 3. Tap to Game Guardian

After PUBG is run, your game will be loaded. After the game is loaded, tap on the Game Guardian icon and then go to the menu and then click on execute script.

Step 4. Find PUBG mobile.lua file folder

Now you have to do one thing, yes, now you have to find this folder where you have saved PUBG mobile.lua script and after that you have to tap on executable. .

Step 5. Select Bypass Option

In this type you will reload the game and then you have to click on the game guardian icon, now you have to select the new bypass option. Tencent logo to be opened later.

Step 6. Select hacking option

Now it is time to load the script in the game. Now you can choose any kind of hack. Whatever you want to hack. If you want to implement wall hack, then go to the menu and then select the option according to your choice.

Done: – So let’s get your PUBG hack done. That is, now you can use the game guardian apk to hack PUBG mobile and you can hack PUBG by following all these step

PUBG  hack
PUBG Mobile Hack Version Tips & Tricks

PUBG Mobile Hack Version Tips & Tricks

If you are a PUBG lover, then we have brought some such tips and tricks for the PUBG mobile hack game, by following which you can stay safe till the last and win the chicken dinner, then let us tell you those tips.

Use Headphon

While playing PUBG mobile hack, you must install a headphone, because by applying the headphone, you can hear the enemy’s voices clearly and can also easily kill it.

Vehicle safety

When you are moving in a car or go to kill an enemy while sitting in the car, at the same time, the enemy sees you before and tries to attack you or throws a bomb, then the vehicle explodes. Is and you are killed.

To protect yourself, whenever you shoot at the enemy or do not bomb, you will have to get out of the car and you will be saved safely.

Modify game control

If you lose in PUBG again and again, then you have to do that you have to set the control of your phone accordingly. You can set this by going to the game’s settings.

Get right weapons

While playing PUBG mobile, it is very important to make the right choice of weapons. You must keep this in mind, which weapon you have to take or not and which one you should know about all guns and weapons, how it is operated.

use eye icon

It has been known from many people who play PUBG that they do not use eye icon due to which the enemy suddenly comes in front and gets killed. With the help of Eye icon, you can look around the zone comfortably and kill the hidden enemy easily.

When you are in the range then shoot

Never shoot when you are out of range. Because sometimes your gun is far away from the enemy’s range and you still shoot, the enemy does not die and he sees you and then you are in his eyes, so out-of-range Never shoot if it happens.

So friends, if you follow all these tips and play, then you will stay in the game for a long time and will also win.

Important note: – Our aim is not to promote hacking at all through this article, so we want to tell you that through this article, our purpose is only to provide you with education purpose from education purpose and not in any way. To encourage hacking, we also want to tell you that your PUBG account can also be closed by this method. Therefore, keep all these things in mind and follow this method.

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